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In April of 2013 Mississippi View Farm was changed forever by a little stallion named Neo. He was the first Lipizzan brought to MVF. He was originally confiscated in a case of animal neglect and was adopted by Kate. He came to MVF as a true ambassador to the breed. After only a short time he proved himself to be kind, intelligent and incredibly talented. Soon Lipi fever swept through the barn. Upon doing research into the breed we found how rare these amazing horses truly are and we set about acquiring some mares of our own to breed to Neo. To read more about Neo's amazing story please visit his stallion page.

Now, MVF is home to one of the largest breeding programs of Lipizzans in North America with a representation of many bloodlines in this rare breed. Here at MVF we pride ourselves on being a great place for young Lipizzans to grow and develop.

Favory Canada


Neopolitano Wandosa

Correct training and good partnerships have proven to be an excellent recipe for MVF's Lipizzan success. Their athleticism and intelligence make them wonderful horses for amateurs and professionals alike at both the Regional and National level.

2016 Region Four Championships

Favory Canada and Katy Myllykangas

Neapolitano Gloria and Kate Phillips

Kulpa and Laura Myllykangas

Kate Phillips at U.S. Dressage Finals showing Neapolitano Gloria