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MVF strives to provide a dressage facility based on the idea that content and well-suited horses with confident, educated riders will achieve the highest goals. Both in the show ring or at home. We maintain an atmosphere of friendliness, clear direction towards to goals set by each rider, and of safety, both physical and psychological. Each horse,regardless of its breed or background, deserves to be content in it's daily routine and work demands. Each rider, regardless of their age, experience or goals, deserves to be in an environment that provides quality instruction through clinics and lessons to help them achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

MVF has 36 stalls. It is located across the road from the Mississippi River. Its clients enjoy the large heated indoor arena, a standard-size outdoor dressage arena, and 20 acres of wooded trails. The horses enjoy twelve separate turnout areas for private and semi-private turnout and round-the-clock care.

Kate Phillips is a USEF R judge, FEI competitor, trainer, clinician and instructor. She has earned her gold, silver, and bronze medals and is a 4-star CLS Rider. Special emphasis is placed on providing a safe, supportive, and friendly learning atmosphere for horses and riders of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. Kate's students have enjoyed success both regionally and nationally at all levels from training to FEI.

We believe that a good start is essential to the longevity and enjoyment of a young horse, and have established a reputation as a great place to start your young sport horse. Our barn manager, Todd Firenz, starts all of our young horses, taking them through the vital steps of lunging, long-lining, backing, establishment of the basic under saddle training and often to their first horse shows. We believe in full transparency regarding our training, and welcome you to be a part of your young horse's first steps towards a long and healthy career.