Mississippi View Farm (MVF) is a full service equestrian center that provides dressage training and boarding on the Mississippi River in Benton County, Minnesota


MVF is dedicated to bringing out the best in every horse and rider, whether they are just starting their journey into the world of dressage, looking to hone their skills, enter the show ring or compete at the National level through FEI. We believe that this goal is best served by a friendly and safe atmosphere, with instruction that is based on the needs of the individual horse and rider. We have clients that have competed at the FEI level on an assortment of breeds, ranging from Warmbloods bred here at MVF, to the breeds that are less common in the upper levels, such as Quarter Horses, Arabians, Morgans and Thoroughbreds. We believe that the character and rideability of many of these breeds predisposes them as perfect amateur and junior mounts. In keeping with this plan, we have begun a Lipizzan breeding program, as we feel that this rare and beautiful breed has been under-utilized in the competitive dressage world. 

MVF Lipizzans  →

MVF strives to provide a dressage facility based on the idea that content and well-suited horses with confident, educated riders will achieve the highest goals. Both in the show ring or at home. We maintain an atmosphere of friendliness, clear direction towards goals set by each rider, and safety, both physical and psychological. Each horse, regardless of its breed or background, deserves to be content in it's daily routine and work demands. Each rider, regardless of their age, experience or goals, deserves to be in an environment that provides quality instruction through clinics and lessons to help them achieve the goals that they set for themselves. 


MVF has 36 stalls. It is located across the road from the Mississippi River. Its clients enjoy the large heated indoor arena, a standard-size outdoor dressage arena, and 20 acres of wooded trails. The horses enjoy twelve separate turnout areas for private and semi-private turnout and round-the-clock care